Eastercon 2023 diary – day 2

I’d intended on writing from Eastercon on each of its days, but alas got distracted by seeing old friends and making new friends, and fell down on day one. We’ll see how the rest of the weekend goes.

But here we are in day two, and it’s going well. The sun is shining, the panels are humming and I’m currently sitting in the Room of Buying and Selling with a small pile of copies of Eclectic Dreams.

This is an anthology of stories (which I was pleased to co-edit, with Pete Sutton and Liz Williams) that have passed through the Milford Science Fiction Writers Conference. We had the formal book event yesterday afternoon, and should you not be at Eastercon, you can order your copy via the links contained HERE (so get your copy today!).

Beyond that, being here reminds me of this sprawling community of science fiction and fantasy that I’m a part of. I’ll admit that sitting here in the Room of Buying and Selling, the temptation to buy yet more books for the already over-burdened shelves at home is exceptionally tempting.

More than that are the people. Going to panels and listening to others talking about things they know and things that excite them, evening conversations in the bar, and catching up with people is good for the soul.

The hosts of the Deadline City podcast often talk about the necessity of filling the well, and that’s part of Eastercon does for me. I experience the same refilling in other parts of my life, with aikido summer school and the occasional math conference, and I do love the energy of being in the midst of so many like minded folk.

~ by Jim Anderson on 8 April 2023.

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